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Sacrifice Everything For Buried Treasure

Last night, I spent some time with the Association of Baptist Students at The Hedge, their Tuesday night gathering. I talked about going “all in for the kingdom” and shared from the parables Jesus told about the value of discovering the rule and reign of Christ over all things.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field. Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant on the lookout for choice pearls. When he discovered a pearl of great value, he sold everything he owned and bought it.

~ Matthew 13:44-46 NLT

When you discover something as infinitely fulfilling and valuable as a personal relationship with King Jesus, you go “all in.” You sell everything else and let nothing stop you from obtaining all of the abundant life God wants to offer you.

Today, I stumbled across a movie less than twenty minutes long. And if you have twenty minutes, you have to watch Jack and the Dustbowl.

It’s HD – watch it full screen!

Whitestone Motion Pictures proudly presents Jack and the Dustbowl, a short film about overcoming adversity and making the impossible, possible.

Jack Spriggs, a poor dust bowl farmer from Alabama, is determined to keep his family’s land. Set during the Great Depression, record heat waves and over-farming have turned the once fertile soil into worthless dust. Refusing to become a victim of his circumstances, Jack embraces his surroundings and digs in. Jack’s tenacious spirit and ingenuity will either keep his family together or he’ll lose everything trying.

This film is handcrafted by the artisans of Whitestone Motion Pictures. Behind the Scenes. The Soundtrack. Twitter: @whitestonemp.

When you find real treasure… sell everything else.

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  1. scaherron says:

    The movie sounds good. I’ll check it out. thanks for sharing. I wonder have you ever read this parable a little differently? It seems difficult to know sometimes what it means to go “all in.” based upon the environment that I grew up in I learned to interpret this “all in” to mean that I should give up materialism or sin or rock music or drinking etc…(all these things seemed to be based upon cultural norms or even political influences)… It never really made sense. I wasn’t at your talk so I don’t presume to know what you ultimately communicated but for me I’m drawn to the beauty of Christ in that He gave up all in order to purchase us His treasure! Where I couldn’t, he did. I do believe that The Kingdom of God is a beautiful treasure but this parable seems to show us how the kingdom is and what it’s like in that the God of all creation sold/gave up all he had so that we might be purchased. Just a thought! Thanks for letting me share.

    • I like that twist on an understanding. It’s a fresh interpretation to me, but has beautiful implications.

      • scaherron says:

        It (that hermeneutic) seems to fit in well with the other kingdom parables as well. I do believe in a double meaning as well in that the indicative drives the imperative…that because Christ gave up all for us his treasure so do we give up all that we have for the kingdom. The kingdom is Christ as he is our most prized treasure! Blessings!

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