Really Enjoy Christmas This Year

The economy has tanked and we’ve elected a Democratic President, but things could be worse (just a joke, folks). I love Christmas and it’s one week away from my posting this little blog. I wanted to pass along some tips for making Christmas interesting this year. You may already do these things, and I don’t do all of them, but they’re worth trying for the fun of it…

  1. Read the Christmas story on Christmas morning with your family – Luke 2:1-20.
  2. Bake a “birthday cake” for Jesus.
  3. Try boiled custard – it’s a Kentucky favorite!
  4. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t drink at all. Remember Christmas this year.
  5. Give a small gift to someone you don’t know.
  6. Let your kids see, in some visual and personal manner, what poverty looks like.
  7. Go to the Mall on a crowded day – it’s part of the season.
  8. Wear PJ’s all day… don’t shower or shave. Hey, it’s Christmas! (warning: your family may object)
  9. Overeat just a bit, enjoy the feast. It’s a celebration!
  10. Pray for men and women in military service.
  11. Put some cocoa puffs on the lawn – tell the kids its reindeer poop.
  12. Watch “the Santa Claus” on Christmas eve and put an empty Santa suit on the lawn – wake the kids up early.
  13. Don’t “shoot your eye out.” If you shoot yourself in the eye, work up some tears and blame it on an imaginary icecicle.

Have any to add? Comment below!

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