On Russian Soil

Yesterday, I headed out of Bentonville at about 6:30 a.m. for the Tulsa International Airport. On the way, I drove through snow and saw about 15 cars off the road and slowed down to about 25 mph. Finally I broke free in time to get to the airport to find our flight delayed a little over an hour. When we finally made it to Atlanta, our flight was delayed yet again, which turned out to be a blessing since Sue Husser was joining us from Louisiana and made it to the gate as we were boarding.

Our plane sat on the runway for about an hour with a thermostat problem. Upon reaching our cruising altitude we hit some pretty rough turbulence and the thermostat malfunctioned again, turning the cabin into a meat locker. After nine and a half hours of flying, we finally popped below the cloud line in Moscow and just before we hit the runway, the plane took off again suddenly. The captain alerted us that they were having a “disagreement” with the flap guage, but that we would circle and try again. When the plane landed, everyone on board cheered!Traffic in Moscow is highly entertaining. We rode with Alex Barniuk from the airport to the hotel. There are traffic lanes, but no real lines. You just kind of hover in a pack of cars and pass people aggressively until you reach your destination. We kept joking about seeing Jason Bourne (from the Bourne trilogy) whiz by! Some of my US currency was rejected at the exchange office and we couldn’t read the menu at the little restaurant we found. But am I complaining about any of this? Absolutely not!

I’ve smiled and laughed at every turn. Each delay, every problem, has added to the adventure and made this entire experience highly entertaining. I love the Russian culture and find Moscow absolutely fascinating. Tomorrow, we tour Red Square and then take a six hour train ride on Saturday to the town where we’ll be leading a Pastors’ conference. I’ll post more of an update later. Right now I’m going to bed… at 11:00 a.m…. or is it 8:00 p.m.??? I don’t know.

Just pray that God will open doors for us and prevent any problems that would prevent us from completing our intended mission. God bless!

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