My Wife Is the Cool One

My wife is the better half of us, for sure. Being a teaching Pastor and active blogger, I tend to make a lot of connections with people. My voice is heard from the pulpit or in print and therefore, attention comes my way whether I’m comfortable with it or not. But what people may or may not realize is that I’m not the cool one in our house – my wife is!

  • Angie has compassion for people whom I overlook.
  • She hears the voice of truth under pressure when I get stressed out.
  • Angie handles 3 a.m. feedings while I snore.
  • She’s made friends while I’ve been the wallflower at times.
  • She’s steady – I never have to question her integrity.
  • She balances everyone’s schedules and concerns while I handle my own… sometimes.
  • She’s smart. She’s smarter than me, but I try to deny it when she’s right about something… which is often.
  • She’s beautiful. She has a sense of style that not only makes her pretty, but saves my neck from fashion faux pas at times too.
  • She stops me from making impulse buys, but encouraged me to get a Mac, and an iphone!
  • She puts up with me, and while that sounds like a funny thing people say, for me it’s serious. She puts up with me.

My wife is definitely the cool one!

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