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My Friend, Scott Attebery, and His Family

You hear about the “next things” happening in the lives of friends from college – graduation, marriage, children. Today I learned that my friend, Scott Attebery, lost his wife to an auto accident in Pine Bluff. She passed away earlier this morning. His experience was documented here, and you can see who Scott is here.

Our hearts break for him and his family. We didn’t know Jill, but Scott was a leader among students at CBC and has been a great Pastor to his church in El Dorado. They are new parents – I cannot imagine it. Please pray for Scott and Bryce and their larger family as well.

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  1. Because people keep finding this page through Google, I wanted to add that the funeral service will be held on Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. at Wyatt Baptist Church in El Dorado.

  2. Rebecca Clifton says:

    It has taken me over a year to even begin to comment…but I went to nursing school with Jill and in fact arranged for us both to miss an exam so Scott could propose! I will never forget how angry she was because she had packed the wrong pair of boots, or actually not known what to pack at all! I’m not even certain to whom I am sending this, but I know the impact Jill had on each person she met! And I also know how much she loved Scott and how different he was from her previous experiences!I can’t help but think of her talking during class about their walks on the golf course & how happy she was to find the kind of love she had waited on! I can’t help but think of God’s promise not to give us more than we can deal with, which speaks worlds of the relationship Jill & Scott shared with our Saviour!!!And even though it has been years since we were seated next to each other in nursing school, please forward to Scott that I will never forget sitting next to her in that IHOP booth and the look on her face when he came in with roses ;-) Scott and their son are always on my mind and in my prayers!! Always!
    With all my love,
    Rebecca Clifton

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