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My Daughter Gave Her Life to Christ!!!

Yesterday, I was too sick to go to church, so Angie and Ella went. We had a Trunk-or-Treat in which David Stewart, our awesome Children’s Ministry Director told a story about a pumpkin. I have no idea what David said, but Angie used it to spark a discussion when we got home. She had enough insight to see the question marks written on Ella’s face.

She’s been asking a lot of questions for a long time. In fact, just a couple of months ago, we had one of those “near misses” in which we really thought she might be ready, but encouraged her to wait a bit longer. We’ve sensed a deep longing in her to have peace about this issue. When some of her friends made a commitment to follow Jesus, she took notice and has remained in deep thought until now.

We talked about the meaning of a relationship with Jesus. We talked about the meaninglessness of terms such as “asking Jesus into your heart.” (Never use it… ever.) She expressed a thorough understanding of sin, guilt, separation from God, hell, the meaning of the cross, forgiveness from God, and the fact that being “saved” really means a lifetime acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior. She got it all right. Then, she bowed her head, acknowledged her own sinfulness, expressed her belief that Jesus died to pay the penalty of her sins, and asked Him to save her.

Afterward? My lovely wife led them in the “welcome to the Kingdom dance” (a phrase we picked up from our good friend t-show). Ella was ecstatic! She danced… with Jesus! She smiled… with Jesus. She laughed… because she was relieved of a burden. She’s free forever! She’s truly, in every sense of the word, eternally a child of the King!

Angie and I are relieved, elated, and blessed! God has brought us tremendous joy by watching our daughter take multiple steps toward a personal relationship with God. Now… the huge and heavy responsibility of guiding her faith until we release her into adulthood. God be praised!!

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  1. How faithful He has been . . .

  2. It’s amazing when we have the urge to force things, God reveals to us His will through His timing and His sovereignty. It is both overwhelming and amazing!
    Brandon….you, Angie, and Ella have been such a blessing to our lives. Specifically for me! (that is the selfish side coming out in me). Ella, we are so proud of you and…..Happy Birthday!, two days later.

  3. Thank the Lord for this wonderful event in my little girl’s life! It has been beyond imagine the happiness I have seeing all my children brought to the Lord. Two of them Brandon had the privilege to baptize himself. Brandon, Angie and Ella, thank you so much for your wonderful inspiration you have had on all my children! Love to all. I love you Ella Grace!

  4. Wow that is a great thing to hear and to read about! As a first-year seminary student, however, I would be interested in your rationale behind not using the term “asking Jesus into your heart”. As someone who will have a future in full-time Christian ministry, I think it would be beneficial to me to know what your rationale behind not using that terminology would be…but once again, praise God that your daughter is now a believer!

    • Hey thanks, and no problem.

      My biggest reason for not liking the terminology “asking Jesus into your heart” is that there is no actual basis in Scripture. I think it’s best that we use the language of Scripture with our kids if possible so as to align what we’re teaching them with God’s Word. I also think that the picture is an abstract one. Some kids interpret our pictorial language somewhat literally, so it doesn’t necessarily convey the idea of what real belief and faith are all about.

      Nonetheless, I do think a lot of people have been saved through that particular terminology, so it’s not that I think it makes salvation impossible – just that I prefer to speak in different terms myself. I hope this helps a bit.

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