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Lost. Search. Rescue.

Lost. Search. Rescue. These are the words we were challenged to repeat again and again by Grady Higgs, Director of Missions for the BMA of America at this week’s symposium. It was an all around exhilarating experience. I’ve been attending these symposiums for about a dozen years, and I was more encouraged by this year’s than ever before. Here are the highlights of my own experience. If you attended and you’re reading this, please add your own in the comments…

The Missionaries

The greatest highlight was obviously hearing reports of what God is doing around the world. Sports camps in Ukraine. A church being planted in Fountain, Colorado. A couple of Russian friends. A great work in Bolivia. I could not begin to recall and recount all the stories here, but God is working and moving around the world. I’m proud of my God and His power! I felt so small in relation to God’s global vision for lost people.

Fellowship, Forney

I was also blessed by witnessing Fellowship Church of Forney, Texas in action. They have a commitment to excellence, flexibility, hospitality, and creativity. They’re always changing their approach to reach the next one for Jesus. In the BMA of America, they’re a model church.

Friends, Old and New

I had the chance to catch up with some old friends and to meet some new ones. I won’t attempt to name them here or I’d leave someone out, but it’s refreshing to hear what God is doing in the lives of people I love but rarely get to see. And I met some pretty cool new people as well.


Giving the closing message on Wednesday night was pretty humbling. I felt confident that God used the message, but I did leave out my key illustration! I believe in shooting from the hip and speaking from the heart, without notes, so this is the side effect. But God has a purpose – He came through and I felt connected with the listeners – God be praised!!


I’m not necessarily a big fan of driving a big church van across the country, but I love being with friends and family on the road. I’m thankful David and Amber and Justin got to experience their first symposium, and hope they’ll return for more. I got to hang around my father-in-law and soak up some drippings from the altar (and my mother-in-law too) but the coolest was my wife and daughter got to be with me!!

I love these opportunities. My head spins, my heart is warmed, and my spirit is challenged. I want to be a rescuer!!

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  1. You did awesome last night. BBC Baby!

    Justin Williams’s last blog post..Search + Rescue

  2. Wow. It was my first symposium too. I was amped to see Fellowship doing what we we talking about. To see hundreds of teen going to hear the Word of God. To see hundreds of kids excited about Awana’s. To see those same children get so excited to hear from a missionary was unbelievable! this was a truly great event and i believe it will be a defining point in my life and hopefully of our work too.

  3. Lindsey Ray says:

    Hey Brother Brandon,
    I wanted to let you know that your message was God Ordained (and ordered). I attended the Missions Symposium Wednesday night (my first) and left there on fire. You led us to call the name of a lost person the Lord had laid on our hearts that evening. Before the night was over, the Lord rescued her eternal soul. I had the wonderful joy of being there with her when she cried out to Christ to save her and give her eternal life. Thank you so much for letting the Lord speak through you Wednesday evening.
    Lindsey Ray, Pastor
    Sand Flat Baptist Church
    Grand Saline, Texas

    • @Justin

      Thanks man! And thanks for being there!

      @ Chris

      I’ve actually been to about a dozen symposiums and each one has been a building block in who I am today, but this year was one of the best.

      @ Lindsey

      Wow! That is so amazing and I’m so glad you told me – your friend coming to Jesus makes my day!! All glory to God – great things He has done!!

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