Wyle E. Coyote & Road Runner

Life… Just Beyond the Tipping Point

I love old Looney Toons cartoons. Kids these days don’t know what they are missing. My favorite moments were when Wyle E. Coyote would have a big flat rock ready to tip off the cliff when Road Runner tripped the trap. Inevitably, the rock would not tip, Wyle E. would go down to check, and Road Runner would step out on the rock, tipping it on over on the poor Coyote, who was really the victim in every episode, you know!

Sometimes life is like that boulder. It’s at the tipping point and taking on one more thing will throw us off balance and wreck everything. We think the problem is that “one more thing,” but that’s a fallacy. The problem is that we’re at the tipping point already. If one more thing pushes us over the edge, we were really too close to the edge.

So how do you keep your balance in life, when life gets absolutely crazy? Here are a few thoughts…

  1. Get your eternal bearings straight. Remember that what matters beyond the grave ought to matter the most in this life.
  2. Minister to your spirit. Feed your soul. Read your Bible daily, pray, walk, talk with Jesus.
  3. Divert daily. My Doctor told me to curb high blood pressure by taking 30 minutes to do nothing – not even for Bible study – just relaxation. Do I follow her advice? Well…
  4. Withdraw weekly. Take a day. Go somewhere, but not to work. Stay home, but try not to clean it.
  5. Get away annually for a vacation or a retreat, but seminars don’t count.
  6. Say no. Another tough one for me, but sometimes even good causes are better served by people with better balance than you – find the few things God has equipped you for and do them well.
  7. Listen to your wife (or husband, parent, best friend, or even your dog). Others see our imbalance before we do almost every time.
  8. Ask this crucial question, “If I don’t get this done, what will happen?” If you’re compulsory, this question sets your mind in better order.
  9. Do NOT live for the expectations or approval of others – you only have to please God. Love your neighbor, just don’t let him run your life.
  10. Don’t be mean. I had to throw that one in because the Road Runner was always so mean-spirited every time he pushed the rock on top of Wyle E… poor coyote!

By the way, here’s a great resource for “getting things done.”

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