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Life Is an Adventure: Live It By Faith

The Christian life often gets a bad wrap as being “boring.” Why? I tend to think it’s because there are so many boring Christians around! But I like the way F. B. Meyer put it…

“I don’t want my life to end in a swamp!”

Why is it that we live boring lives? I think one major reason is that we become afraid of all the risks. We’re worried about potentially failing. We’re counting up potential costs that we don’t want to pay.

Here’s the bottom line though: no risk, no reward. The prize goes to those who run… or rather those who leap.

Faith requires stepping out on a limb at times and being willing to risk the comfort of the known for the potential value of the unknown. Yes, adventures are scary. That’s the point. Something will inevitably go wrong, but what will life be like if things ultimately go right?

Chase God on this wild journey called the Christian life and remove the naysayers’ ability to call us boring any longer!

photo credit: sillygwailo

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