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Let’s Talk About Life In Ministry

Introducing: Life In Ministry.

Life In Ministry is changing. Over the past few years, I’ve been blogging here about life, family, and ministry. I’ve also been blogging about design, creativity, media, and communications. It’s become increasingly difficult to determine the proper balance between such diverse subjects.

So… will become my personal portfolio, business, and professional site. I’ll offer ministry website design packages and business packages as well as other products. I’ll also be blogging about design, creativity, social media, marketing, and church communications – all subjects which overlap.

If you’re here for the more ministry-side of who I am, I want to direct your attention over to Life In Ministry, where I’ll do more talking about pastoral ministry, books, culture, and leadership. In fact, I’ll eventually be offering some coaching and mentoring for other leaders via that site, but I’m still thinking that through.

If you subscribe to my content here at and don’t care much for all the techie, geekie stuff, I suggest you unsubscribe and re-subscribe to my Life In Ministry feed either with your feed reader or email account. If you like both sides of me, just subscribe to both.

I’m not sure what this means yet for potential advertisers or sponsors. I’m still thinking all of that through. I also know that this is a temporary step back. has a high traffic and search engine ranking, so Ill be sacrificing some traffic for a while, but I think in the end, this is the best move for my readers.

Thanks so much for reading. You all make blogging soooo worth it! I’d be happy to field your input or feedback. Drop me a line anytime!

Affiliate Program

In addition to this announcement is another recent development. I’m offering affiliate partnerships for my design services. If you link to me and promote the creative work I do, I’ll gladly offer a 10% commission on sales generated by your links. This works in two ways. When someone clicks your affiliate link and completes a transaction on my site (within 45 days), your tracking ID will direct 10% of the sale to your account. Or, if someone clicks your link and requests a custom proposal, the referral source is sent to me and I will manually divide out the commission price.

If you’re interested in recommending my services to others for an affiliate commission, sign up to become an affiliate.

Again, thanks so much for reading!