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Just Turn To Jesus, It’s That Simple

Confession: Christianity is a mess! But that’s the tendency of religion isn’t it? We have too many denominations, too many moral failures among leaders, and too much quibbling over secondary issues. We argue about music styles, dress codes, and politics. Let’s admit it.

And while we’re admitting, let’s admit that we’ve also messed up the message of the gospel. We either water it down or muddy it up. We either leave out the parts about Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection and our faith and repentance toward Him, or we throw in extra and often confusing terminology and rules. Some who are inquisitive about the faith may walk away thinking that turning to Jesus is more difficult than filling out a tax return.

So let’s straighten this out:

  1. You and I have sinned. We all have. No denying it. We’ve broken the rules of our Creator.
  2. We deserve punishment for our sins, separation from God in hell to be exact.
  3. God loves us in spite of our sins and willingly allowed His Son Jesus to come to earth and to die on the cross to pay the penalty of our crimes. He died for us.
  4. He rose again.
  5. Turn to Him and trust Him as your Savior, and you’ll be saved forever.

There are different ways of saying it, but it’s really fairly simple. All the muck and mire of religious complications and institutional hierarchies aside, Jesus is the Savior. Jesus wants to be your Savior!

Listen to Chuck Swindoll’s advice to Christianity about this issue…

Some Christians try to impose their rigid system of do’s and don’ts to the issue of conversion. I want to caution against that sort of exercise. It’s impossible to find any single place in Scripture that reveals the one-and-only way every sinner comes to Christ. We are so conditioned by denominational backgrounds, religious traditionalism, and narrow-thinking prejudice, we miss the point of God’s grace. We tend to require more than God does!

Lost people are saved while listening to a great song about Christ or while hearing a preacher or Bible teacher explaining God’s Word from a pulpit or over television or on the radio. Others are saved during a small group Bible study. Many come to Him all on their own, while praying in the privacy of their homes. Day or night a sinner can call on the Lord Jesus Christ by faith and be saved. Let’s stop making it so complicated… grace abounds!

~ Charles Swindoll, Paul: A Man of God

My hope and prayer is that you turn to Jesus. His grace abounds to you!

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  1. Hey Brandon

    I do agree with the general premise of this post. Most attempts of explaining the gospel has indeed muddied the waters and caused greater harm than good. That being said I also think by minimalizing the gospel can be just as dangerous if not more so. When getting your drivers licensing requires more thought and consideration than becoming a Christian, I think we need to re-evaluate how we are presenting the gospel. We have to remember that this is the most important decision a person will ever make in their life and to minimize that down to 4 "easy steps" does not necessary reflect the seriousness of that decision. To think that God took hundreds, if not thousands of years to give us the scriptures and then to boil it down to a quick little statement is well an insult to God and oversimplifies the steps God went through to get us to Jesus. God gave us an intellect and I think he would like for us to use it to glorify him in that process.

    I think the real problem that causes more people to refuse the gospel these days is much of the theology out there today is illogical and really portrays God as a tyrrant and not as Jesus. For example, look at how most churches portray the atonement of Christ – that is God needed to take out his vindictive wrath out on his Son (beat him to a bloody pulp) in order to forgive man. Yet we turn right around and tell people "God freely forgives" or that Chirst requires us to forgive without conditions. Do these two thoughts sound like they harmonize with one another. Does this really portray God in a true and biblical light? Yet when I talk to sinners this is the stuff they tell me they can't stomach theologically – and that is we are inconsistent in our portrayal of Christ. I often have to agree with them.

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