I’m Taking the Plunge – I’m Writing a Book

WritingI’m planting a new church, we’re expecting our third child, and I’m still working on building a global community of Pastors. May as well write a book, too.

I was recently approached by an Editor with Passio, the newest imprint of Charisma House Publishing. My good friend, Artie Davis, has just completed writing on his first book, Craveable, with Passio as well as a few other authors I know. I identify strongly with Passio’s stated goal:

Aiming to reach contemporary-minded believers with books, e-books and other forms of media, the imprint will target readers who are passionate about their faith and missional living, covering topics such as revival, a deeper relationship with God and authentic faith.

I’ll be sharing more later about the title and content, but the thrust of the book will align with something very close to my heart – how believers can become influencers with the gospel in an age of rapidly developing social technologies. I want to encourage believers to embrace the technological and cultural shifts taking place around us – not in the sense of conforming to the culture, but in the sense of really living within it as salt and light.

Pray for me as I begin writing. This is a new adventure for me, and I want to make sure my mind, spirit, and family life stay healthy in the midst of embracing new opportunities. This should be fun!

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