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I’m Going Split-Personality on Facebook

Even though I think Twitter is mo’ funner, I recognize that Facebook has probably the greater potential to be used for personal networking. My wife thinks Twitter is boring even though she recognizes its potential as a place for professional connections and conversation to happen. Because I’m accustomed to how Twitter works, I tend to use Facebook in a similar way (though with far fewer posts).

Here’s the issue I run into on Facebook. I have a lot of friends and family I’m connected with – people I went to high school or college with, people to whom I’m related, and people with whom I work. They don’t all care about the things I tweet about (and often post about on Facebook). They care about the pictures of my kids doing funny things. So I’m purposely going split-personality so that Facebook will be useful to me as a professional, and fun for me as a dad, husband, Pastor, and average joe.

My personal Facebook profile is the spot I’ll chat about personal things – what’s happening in our lives. And my new Facebook page is where I’ll talk about design, branding, communications, social media, technology, and all kinds of other boring things.

So to invite you to “Like” me on Facebook isn’t an ego trip. Rather it’s an open invitation for anyone who would rather chat about all the “media stuff.” And as I looked into the possibility of setting things up this way, I discovered a couple of fairly interesting things. One is that you can establish a presence on Facebook as a “professional person” which requires a page and which has a different purpose than a personal profile. Two is that when you log into Facebook, you can browse around “as Brandon” (my personal profile) or “as Brandon Cox” (my professional page). So I can comment and interact as either/or.

So hey, if you’re into design, media, church communications, etc.

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  1. Brandon,

    I have the same problem with Facebook. Friends, family, coworkers, connections, and clients all in the same account. I do have a fan page and I am working on getting that setup like you have it. But right now, I still get more traffic from my personal account. What I started doing was creating filters and posting groups. So when I post something for friends, family and friends, they are the only ones that get it. When I post things for new media, my new media lists sees those updates. So far it seems to be working. You just have to remember to select the right group to post your status updates to.

    • That’s another excellent idea! If this page idea doesn’t fly, I may give that a shot next. I’m so glad this whole social media thing is one constant experiment.

    • Brenda Youmans says:

      I also do two pages, my main facebook page and one for CR. You do have to shift gears in your head when you switch pages but after awhile you get use to it. Twitter is a little harder for me only because you have to be so short and to the point, no elaborating on a thought or event or to much detail. But each one does have its benefit and that is reaching out, we have to be flexible to reach as many people as we can. We need to go to each person and not wait around for them to find us.

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