I Owe, I Owe, It’s Off to Work I Go

I remember seeing that phrase on a license plate once and laughing. But sadly, that’s how many of us live our lives. We work because we have to do so. I think it’s one of the reasons get-rich-quick programs are so successful at recruiting people. We have a dream, for some reason, of being rewarded for being less productive.

I don’t think work was ever intended to be this way though. Work was instituted by God in the garden of Eden even before the fall of Adam and Eve into sin. Because of the fall, work is harder and nature now resists our work, but work is still part of our eternal purpose. I believe work will go on in heaven for eternity. Our work will simply be joy-filled and unhindered there.

So how do you change your attitude and return work to its proper place in our attitudes? Here are seven thoughts based on Colossians 3:22-24…

  • See every day of work as an opportunity to remain in constant fellowship with God. In a matter of silent prayer, take God with you to work.
  • Stop worrying about what others think and realize that you work for an audience of One.
  • Look for opportunities to increase your realm of influence at work, realizing that God wants to use our influence for His eternal purposes.
  • Realize that all that we do can be done with excellence to the glory of God – even making sprockets!
  • Know that your boss isn’t your ultimate boss – you’re working for a King.
  • Trust God to give your ultimate compensation.
  • Hold as precious the opportunity to serve the One who has stooped so low to serve us to the point of giving His life on the cross.

If you struggle to find joy in your work, check your attitude against these seven principles. It may be that God wants you to exercise faith and change jobs. It may just be, however, that God simply wants to change you.

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