God Sees Deeper Than the Skin

God’s vision differs from our vision. He sees people, the world, and truth through different eyes. His thoughts are above ours, as are all of His ways. I wanted to elaborate.

The skin is the carnal, the natural, the physical realities of this present world. But God sees through to the heart. When we stand in a grocery store checkout aisle, we’re confronted with all that the world sees as beautiful and important. On the covers of the magazines are politicians, actors, singers, and even insanely impossible news stories.

As I observe what the world considers to be beautiful, I become more and more thankful for God’s piercing gaze – He alone really knows the heart and all of His judgments rest there.

There is also the scary side of this truth – there is no faking it with God. It doesn’t take much to fake it in the world, but it’s impossible to do so with the all-seeing Almighty.

When God looks beneath your skin, what does He see? A heart of prejudice, hatred, laziness, rebellion, self-will? Or a heart of love, compassion, purity, humility, and service? It’s the heart that matters.

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