Weird Book by Craig Groeschel

God, Help Me to Be Weird

Weird Book by Craig GroeschelI’ve just finished reading the weirdest book I’ve ever read – Weird by Craig Groeschel… and I’m glad I did. I don’t ever want to be normal again. As Craig puts it, “normal isn’t working.”

We’ve used various terms for the kind of lifestyle Groeschel is calling us to live – sanctified, set apart, separated, consecrated – but the bottom line is that believers should be choosing to live differently than the surrounding culture. Why? Because being “normal” means settling for society’s status quo.

Normal finances would include being over-extended, stressed out, and failing to give generously. Being weird with our finances means we’re going to be generous givers, smart savers, and sensible spenders. The normal marriage today is either falling apart or may as well be, but a weird marriage is one in which husband and wife love and date each other and are in constant pursuit of deeper intimacy. Normal parenting is permissive, absent, or even neglectful. Weird parenting is when we get thoroughly into our kids lives and influence them for Jesus.

Normal people are falling apart. Normal is a broad path. Normal really isn’t working. So I agree with Craig. I want to be Weird from this day forward.

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