Face to Face With My Creator

There is, in the account of the creation of man, a deep meaning in God’s chosen methodology. In Genesis 2:7 we read:

And the Lord God formed a man’s body from the dust of the ground and breathed into it the breath of life. And the man became a living person.

~ [youversion]Genesis 2:7 NLT[/youversion]

God formed man as one might shape a formless lump of clay, and he would have remained nothing more unless God had proceeded to perform this amazing miracle. He breathed into man the breath of life.

Doctors can work hard to keep us alive, but at the end of our lives there is a mystery, a threshold that can’t be held back. The breath of life is God’s to give and to take. And to Adam, he gave life by His breath.

And the aspect of this miraculous moment that moves me most deeply is the intimacy, the face-to-face, nose-to-nose closeness with which Adam was brought to life. I think it’s symbolic, but it’s more than symbolic. It points to the source of real life.

Conception is a miracle of God. We can make it happen in a fertility clinic, but only because God has established such a wondrous process. But we are born in sin. We rebel against our Creator. We go our own way. We are spiritually stillborn even if our physical bodies live on.

And how does real life begin? By an intimate, close, face-to-face encounter with our Creator. Upon trusting Jesus Christ as our only Savior, God breathes new life into our very souls. Life is different. Our destiny is different. We are different because of this miraculous, soul-changing breath of life.

This is God’s plan – that we find the source of real life to be a face-to-face, intimate relationship with Him. When I’m not experiencing this, I’m dying. But when we draw near to the God who is always waiting for our company, we experience real, dynamic, abundant life!

Have you gotten face-to-face with Him through His word lately?

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