Do You Believe God?

“Therefore take heart, men, for I believe God that it will be just as it was told me.” -Acts 27:25

Do you believe God? Notice carefully the wording. I didn’t ask, “Do you believe in God?” but “Do you believe God?” It’s one thing to believe He exists, even this is true of the demonic world. In fact most people believe in God for very few people are true atheists. But do you believe God? When He makes a promise, do you take Him at His word?

There will be one sure test of your belief in His promises and that test will be your actions. How do you respond in a given situation? Depending on God’s promises or figuring things out on your own? Paul was being held prisoner, was going to stand before Caesar Himself at trial, was bound on a ship with dozens of other hardened criminals, and was now shipwrecked in the middle of nowhere. Most of us would immediately be figuring out how to escape our circumstances, but not Paul. He realized that he was bound to his circumstances by chains given to him by God. It was not a nice situation, but God had a purpose in it.

If you believe God, faith to act will follow. You may not see the greater purpose, but you’ll know that there is one and you’ll act accordingly. Lord, help us to believe what You say at face value and to base our choices and our actions on Your precious promises.

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