This Christmas, I Am Content in God’s Gifts

I’m writing this post just after midnight on Christmas Eve, or Christmas morning, whichever you prefer. I’m excited about what the morning will bring forth, but even as I sit in anticipation of tomorrow’s celebration, I can honestly say I’m extremely content.

I just finished packing gifts up from the basement to the tree, and some bore my name, but I really wouldn’t mind if I were empty-handed at the end of the day. Here is why…

God Gave Me His Son. He sent Him in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes. He grew up to die on the cross as my substitute. I deserved eternal separation from God for breaking the commandments of my Creator, but Jesus took that separation for me on the cross. By faith, I now have entered into a relationship with Him. I know Him! I’m going to be with Him for eternity. What a gift!

God Gave Me A Great Family. I have thought a lot this week about my wife, daughter, and son who will join us in the fresh air in April or so. I could not ask for a sweeter wife – she’s awesome. One of the things I love about her is the way others love her. She’s one of my heroes. My daughter has a sweet and humble spirit – she’s easily broken, but so compassionate. And my son? Who knows! But God has been so good to answer our prayers.

God Gave Me A Ministry. I don’t know why. I often feel so inadequate for what I do, but He’s chosen to put me where I am for His own purpose. I’m thankful.

And the List Goes On. He’s provided financially this year. He’s opened new opportunities to impact the world in a variety of ways. He’s brought a lot of new friends into my life from some unexpected sources. He’s reconnected me with some old friends.

I am content.

I understand we don’t need to be content with the status quo, but contentment with the goodness and gifts of God is a pretty great place to be – I feel like I’m there. In fact, one of my own New Year’s resolutions (I hesitate to use the term) is to learn the art of contentment.

God is so good! Glory to His name and Merry Christmas to you all.

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