Can I Pray Like, “Hey Lord, It’s Me, Fred!”

how to pray the japanese way

I recently received a question from a reader that I thought would make a great blog post because it’s such a common question: Should I talk to God like I talk to anybody else? Or should I use prettier words?

The bottom line is that prayer is talking, asking, and conversing with God. He knows your heart and your thoughts. He gave you your personality and He’s aware of your attitudes, so why wear a mask? Why use “special” language with God?

Don’t misunderstand, I do think our holy God deserves reverence in the same way our earthly fathers deserve our respect. I don’t like phrases like “the man upstairs” any more than I like it when people call their Dads “my old man.” Show some basic respect.

Nevertheless, think about this. Maybe if we prayed to God the same way we talked to other people (with some respect, of course), then maybe we’d talk to Him more often?


Creative Commons License photo credit: kalandrakas

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