Andrew Alan Cox (“Drew”) Is Here


Drew is here whether the world is ready for him or not. He was a big surprise when we found out we were pregnant in light of our long struggle with secondary infertility before having Drew’s older brother, Sam. The doctor explained that he was more of a miracle than we’d realized. Angie only has one tube and it was damaged and unhealthy. We’re therefore believing God has some particularly special reason for sending him into our lives.

The c-section didn’t go quite according to plan. I was ready to go in after she received her spinal to meet Drew the instant he met his new world, but that didn’t happen. Three different anesthesiologists stuck the giant needle in her spine two dozen different times only to conclude it wouldn’t be effective, except for the ginourmous spinal headache she is now enduring.

As a man, husband, Daddy, I’m just marveling at what my wife has been willing to endure to leave her godly legacy with her kids. She’s endured a long labor with our oldest that resulted in an emergency c-section, seven years of trying to get pregnant again with a tubal pregnancy, the loss of a tube, and another miscarriage, and lastly this strange and painful scenario.

I stand amazed. Angie is more of a hero to me than she’ll ever know. Babe, thank you! A thousand times over, thank you for doing all that you’ve done for me and for your family.

Drew, welcome to earth. This is at times a hard place to live. We make bad choices and we are affected by the bad choices of others. It’s a place where our faith is forged through suffering more than triumph, but it’s also a place where grace is available and friendships carry you through. You’ll hear a lot about Jesus, the One who knew you, formed you in your Mom’s womb, and loves you even more than your parents do, a fact we hope to make a challenge to understand. Already, I’m thankful for you. I’m proud of you. I’m here for you. I love you, son! Welcome to the planet – enjoy this glorious journey!

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