A Whirlwind Adventure

Ella as a Flowergirl

Ella as a FlowergirlI just returned home from a whirlwind adventure! We started out last Monday and stopped in Branson to spend a couple of nights with Angie’s family. We spent a day at Silver Dollar City, ate at some good restaurants, and spent some time by the pool with the kids.

Then we headed to my hometown of Bowling Green, Kentucky where I was scheduled to perform the wedding of a couple whom we had come to know over our years of ministry there. Ella had flowergirl duties to perform as well! I then preached on Sunday and we headed home again, stopping to celebrate Ella’s birthday (in advance) with her Nana and Papa.

Bowling Green is an incredible place to live. I’m totally happy in Bentonville, Arkansas but Bowling Green will always be a special place. Not only is it the city where all Corvettes are produced and the home of Fruit of the Loom, it’s just a nice place to live! It’s… green!

Preaching at Scottsville Road was pretty special. I hadn’t preached there in the last 2 years and 8 months, since coming to Bethel, so I saw some new faces and some familiar ones as well. I so appreciate the way Cory and Lachelle McCaig love the church they lead. It was the place where I followed God’s call to ministry, married my wife, and dedicated my daughter to the Lord. It’s touched my life and many others in spectacular ways and I pray it continues to bless the Bowling Green and Alvaton community by communicating God’s truth in love.

I can’t believe how rapidly the summer has flown by. We have church camp all next week, then just a few more weeks of summer before Ella’s back to school, Angie’s back to work, and everyone is back into the swing of things. It’s been crazy this year, but so much fun watching Ella grow up, seeing growth and positive change at church, and taking some time off to visit family.

I reflected while on this trip how much of our lives we complain and wish away. Wish I wasn’t driving ten hours… wish cooler weather would get here… can’t wait for camp next week… I’ve thought a lot about the power of gratitude and how thankful I am for each moment I’ve been blessed with on this earth, each person I’ve been blessed to know, and every opportunity that has been handed me in life.

Life really is an adventure, and it’s really worth living for the glory of God!

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