3 Great Places to Learn the Basics of Affiliate Marketing

I recently wrote a post about the basics of affiliate marketing over at my blog about blogging:

Have you thought about jumping into affiliate marketing but aren’t sure where to start? Without a good course or some coaching or a whole lot of research, you’ll probably do what everyone else does.

Affiliate Marketing, the Unsuccessful Way

  1. Start signing up for affiliate programs.
  2. Put banners on your blog.
  3. Check your commission earnings every day.

And you’re very likely going to be disappointed. It’s okay. It’s common. And there’s a better way. Actually, there are several better approaches to successful affiliate marketing.

Before I get to the best places to learn affiliate marketing basics, let’s cover some preliminary truths.

  • Almost no one gets rich quick. Not ethically. Not realistically.
  • Wealth should follow work. Actual, hard work, which takes time.
  • Wealth is never the end goal. Affluence is never as important as influence.

To put it another way, don’t toss up a website and hope for cash to pour in. It doesn’t happen. And even if it did, quick easy money never makes anyone happy.

It’s going to take work, so decide now how much time you have for this, how much time and money you’re willing to invest in it and, most importantly, why you’re doing it in the first place.

Having dealt with those issues, here’s the alternative route to successful affiliate marketing. Instead of the three steps above – sign up for programs, throw up some banners, and hope for some cash – consider this alternative approach.

This is just a snippet.

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