You Need to Know Kerry Bural (@KerryBural)


A little over a year ago, I was entering a period of searching for God's will in my life. I felt tugged in different directions. I love being a Pastor and believe I'm called to it, but I also have a huge passion for communications, media, and design. One of the conversations that shaped my present assignment was with Kerry Bural.

Kerry went to seminary, but is passionate about church and ministry communications. While I was struggling with the need to be either a Pastor OR a communications guy, Kerry encouraged me to be open to BOTH, and I'm so thankful he did. Just a few months later, I heard from Saddleback Church and I'm now a Pastor who gets to specialize in communications.

Kerry is wise and insightful. He gets to work on cool projects. He writes an awesome blog at and serves as Principal of the Resonate Group. He's an encourager, a good coach, and a go to specialist in the field of church and ministry communications. You need to know Kerry.

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