What If Pastors Actually Pastored One Another?

When I was serving as a Pastor in Bentonville, Arkansas, I called two friends of mine – fellow Pastors – and we had lunch at Chick-fil-A (of course). It was great. We shared our common struggles, mutual encouragement, and some good laughs. It was so great, we never did it again!… which brings me to my point.

Pastors refer to each other as “brethren” but rarely hang out together outside of our denominational meetings and conferences. We’re in our shells, doing our local church leadership thing… all alone. Yet we’re the first to complain that we’re doing our local church leadership thing… all alone.

The thrilling part of my role at Saddleback is that I get to reach out to Pastors on a daily basis. I send emails, make phone calls, and connect through social networks with guys who need resources, encouragement, or just a good laugh. The thought hit me today, why don’t we do this for one another already? Why didn’t I minister to fellow Pastors more when I was a Pastor? It doesn’t take much – a phone call of encouragement does a world of good.

So here’s my challenge to any Pastor reading this. Reach out to a fellow Pastor today, or this week. Make it somebody who might not be expecting it from you. And don’t just send an email or throw a tweet their way. Do something that offers at least your voice, your handwriting, or even your pretty face.

Maybe, if we all chip in, we can stop the lonely-Pastor pandemic in its tracks.

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