We Need Some Holy, Awe-inspiring Distractions

Stop it people!! Stop with your negativity! Stop the bickering, complaining, murmuring, backbiting, negative-thinking junk. Stop the stinkin’ thinkin’!!

I’ve come to a harsh realization. When a church or ministry organization falls into this pattern, not only is it one of the gravest offenses against the celebration of the glory of God, it’s also the direct result of our failure to focus on what really matters.

In short, we need to be distracted by some lives being changed. That’s as simple as I can put it. People complain about the music style, the building’s temperature, and how so-and-so didn’t shake my hand.

Maybe we need to get distracted by something good, something positive.

Maybe if we saw a life changed by the power of the gospel, we’d quit complaining, at least for a few minutes.

Maybe if we were driven to see more lives changed, we’d unite in our efforts and energies and stop worrying about personality differences.

Maybe if we realized the heart of God about people and how much their souls mean to Him, we’d stop thinking about ourselves, our preferences, and our comforts.

I don’t know about you, but I’m growing weary of the same scenery. I need to see some lives changed!

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