The Greatest Sunday Ever!

I’ve thought this before, but I really think this past Sunday was one of the greatest Sundays of my life! We had a near record crowd and three new additions to our church family. I got to baptize one and receive another for baptism, in addition to watching someone re-commit her life to Jesus. I also preached a message consisting of only one point and it worked! God blessed it. Even more than that, we enjoyed having people in our service who are not accustomed to going to church. That, more than anything else, made my day!

I was reminded that if we, as a church, are not a community of redeemed sinners, we are nothing! We are essentially some unfit misfits whom God has saved (or will save) to become re-fitted for glory! Nobody in our church deserves to be present and accounted for, yet by the magnificent grace of God, we get to show up and enjoy Christ’s presence together as well as each other’s company.

Great Sunday’s don’t happen because we have large crowds. They don’t happen because of sweet music or numerical growth. They happen when God is magnified in our eyes, and that happened for me all weekend long!

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