Please Catch Me On My Busy Day

Calendar Card - January
There are at least two significant ways I’ve changed my approach to my weekly schedule (the second of which I’ll write about very soon). One of those major shifts is that I now purposely cram things together in my week.

If you’re like me, when someone wants a piece of your time, you open the calendar and look for the empty spots. When do you have the least going on? Pencil them in right there. I’ve shifted my thinking however, and now try my best to schedule appointments for Tuesdays, my busiest day.

I figure, if I’m going to spend the day running, I may as well do all the running I can while I’m in the process. Then Wednesday is free. In the same strain, I try to keep Fridays wide open for study and quiet preparation for the weekend’s services.

It’s a simple GTD (getting things done) tip I wanted to pass along. Cramming actually frees up time… if you can survive that one super busy day (or two or three).

How do you handle the busyness of life? When do you like to squeeze the extras in?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Joe Lanman

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