Life Goes On

“Moses my servant is dead;…”—Joshua 1:2

What do you want on your tombstone? Moses made the most significant contribution to the pre-Christian world, the Torah. He was God’s man for a generation, the great emancipator of Israel, a prophet, a priest, and a shepherd of Israel. When it was time for Joshua to take the reigns of leadership, God writes the epithet of Moses’ tombstone – “Moses is dead.”

These were words that Joshua needed to hear. As much of a friend and mentor as Moses may have been to Joshua, his legacy could also have been a hindrance if the people ever decided to live in the past. God had done a great work through this mighty man, but it was time to move on to greater heights under new leadership.

There are great cathedrals that dot our nation’s landscape. They were once great churches, but when their founders and significant leaders retired or moved on, they chose to grasp the glory days gone by. We run this risk in our own lives when we fear change.

The secret to navigating change successfully will be found in our willingness to let go of what we have enjoyed to take a chance on what God may have in store. Whether it’s a change in leadership or location, position or direction, one thing is for sure, we have to always declare yesterday dead. Remember it fondly, but look forward for the promise of tomorrow.

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