How You Can Help Me Help Pastors

Open your heart!

Open your heart!I’m coming to the close of my first week as a Pastor at Saddleback and I’m completely overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed in a very good way with all the opportunities and possibilities that are opening up before us.

Many people have asked exactly what it is that I’ll be doing. I’ve found it difficult to articulate my answer fully until now. You see, much of what I will be doing will take place within the realm of social media, and that’s a subject not everyone is familiar with, so let me explain my role in this way:

My purpose is to connect with the larger community of Pastors and offer encouragement and help with the ultimate goal of producing healthy pastors leading healthy churches..

I’m not training Pastors; that job belongs to someone else. I’m not overseeing Pastors; that job belongs to Jesus. I’m just here to be a resource and to extend the resources and ministry of one of America’s largest churches to any Pastor who is willing to listen.

We’re going to be doing a lot of work on to make it much more of a content and resource center as well as using it as a vehicle to connect Pastors to each other. We’ll be utilizing video, audio, podcasts, articles, blogs, and a variety of other forms of media to accomplish the goal.

That’s my calling. When I visited Saddleback seven weeks ago now, I knew on the plane ride home that God had something waiting for me to do here and ultimately, that calling was to be a Pastor to Pastors.

So how can you help me help Pastors? It’s simple:

  • Pray for me, for Saddleback, for Rick Warren and the rest of the leadership here who really have a heart for Pastors.
  • Join the conversation across the social media spectrum (if you’re into that kind of thing) starting by following us on Twitter or on Facebook.
  • Spread the word by telling your Pastor, telling other Pastors, and by tweeting about it or posting on Facebook. We want to meet Pastors!
  • And please, please, please tell me/us about a Pastor in need of encouragement!!

At the end of this first week, I’m left with the enormous question, why in the world would God choose me for this? All I can do is stand and marvel at His gracious willingness to use us in ministry and His uncanny ability for putting random people together at the right place and the right time.

Pastor, I want to meet you! Feel free to contact me.

photo credit: Ben Husmann

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