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Hey Pastor, Recognize Your Ministry’s Linchpins

I recently read another great book from Seth Godin called Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?. It’s about becoming an indispensable part of whatever enviroment in which you work and live. It applies to employees in a workplace as well as companies solving major problems with simple solutions.

A friend and fellow staff member, Joshua Griffin took the idea and turned it into an awesome way of showing appreciation to his team…

Appreciating the Linchpins Among Us

I think the idea is great and certainly worth passing along, but more than that is the principle behind it. If people give us their time, the least we can do in return is find a little creative way to show appreciation now and then. How do you appreciate the linchpins that have helped you along the way?

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  • Tom Jamieson

    Great post Brandon! I'm alwasy looking for creative ways to thank our folks @ FBC Ellenton. One thing I've done before is get Chick-Fil-A to donate certificates of recognition. They send them to us with a coupon for a free sandwich attached to it. Who doesn't love CFA, right?

    • Brandon

      Hey, you said it Tom, and I do not disagree. I'm in love with Chick-fil-A too. I'd volunteer in your ministry for a spicy sandwich!! ;)

  • Kyle Reed

    Man what a great idea and honestly something that needs to happen. Working for a church in the past I have definitely felt like a cog in the system and not celebrated as a linchpin.

    I think this post from Godin is also right on:

    • Brandon

      Spot on, Kyle! And you are a linchpin – all of 8bit might disintegrate without you!! ;-)

  • ArtieDavis

    Dude I am so stealing that!

    • Brandon

      It's steal-worthy for sure!