Are You A Compelling Leader?

Sugar Soldiers

Gandhi led millions via his wisdom and hunger strikes. Hitler led a young generation of mass murderers. Billy Graham has led millions to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. The list goes on. What do leaders of high influence have in common? The compel people to follow. In some cases, such as evil dictators, they coerce them, but for leaders of genuine impact, being compelling is part of the package.

So what are the characteristics that make a leader compelling? It’s a mixed bag, and every leader is a little different, but here are five common traits that we can certainly work on, and please do add your own in the comments…


Leaders see a clear path through the confusion and provide wise answers for others. Wise leaders aren’t always the loudest in the room, but when they speak their words cause silence.


Obviously, not all leaders are people of integrity, but great leaders believe what they believe with conviction. In other words, they are compelled to lead by their own beliefs to the point of martyrdom at times, so others tend to take notice.


Passion is a raw emotion that bubbles out of our convictions. People of great influence light up when they speak of their great cause, and that passion is evident to others.

Common Sense

Some of the world’s great geniuses never led a group of people to do anything because of an inability to think like the average follower, but compelling leaders think well.


Faith is an action word. It’s more than belief, it’s the confidence to take a leap. Compelling leaders set the example by being the first to take a risk.

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