Pastor Rick Warren's Correspondence

And You Thought YOU Received a Lot of Email

See the picture below?

Pastor Rick Warren's Correspondence

That’s all the mail that arrived in the year 2009 for Pastor Rick Warren. And snail mail is a small percentage of the correspondence we manage. We’ve received about 65 emails criticizing a particular initiative at Saddleback this week and are formulating a response.

I’m staring at an enormous to do list today. I have more people to respond to than I have time to keep up with. By the time I finish typing an email, two or three more have come in (and those are mine, not Pastor Rick’s). In the midst of all of this craziness, I read Artie Davis’ blog post in which he talks about giving “watts” to particular tasks and I also read Pastor Rick’s post on today about investing our time wisely.

Here’s what I’ve determined…

1. The most important part of our agenda is starting it out with God.

2. People, and their stories, matter more than tasks any day. I was so moved by our staff small group in which I heard the personal testimonies of three colleagues. This is a place where God’s grace has been at work!

3. I can only please one person at a time, and that list is pretty much occupied by Jesus.

4. I’m glad I’m not Pastor Rick Warren, at least in the sense that I’m more content with my own workload after seeing that big stack of boxes.

God gives us exactly enough time every day to accomplish all of His will and nothing more. If something doesn’t fit, it either wasn’t on His agenda for us, or it was subverted by something else we injected.

Guard your time and invest it wisely. It’s a precious and limited commodity… at least for now.

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