If you haven’t already, you MUST watch this video…

Now… are you smiling? Exactly! You can read a pretty great article about how Coke created its “happiness machine” and read some of the great observations that came out of the interview, but I’d like to throw some observations out there that I made while watching, even before studying how Coke pulled this off.

  1. Making people happy is easy. It just is.
  2. While happiness is not God’s biggest goal for people (holiness is), Jesus still made a whole lot of people happy.
  3. Smiles spread. I was so glad the girl got the pizza even though I couldn’t share the pizza through the screen.
  4. Little things can make a big impact.
  5. Little things that make a big impact require thought and intentionality.
  6. Happiness goes viral. So does unhappiness.
  7. Personal works. Getting a coke from the machine is expected – seeing hands serve it to you (while creepy) is pretty astounding.
  8. To generate sales, advertise. To recruit brand evangelists, create conversations and sales will be the byproduct.
  9. Sometimes you apparently have to destroy some walls to connect with people.
  10. Coke beats Pepsi. No, the video doesn’t really say that, but it’s my opinion… especially now!

Here’s another thought that hit me while watching this… when churches do similar things in the name of evangelism, people criticize. That tells me that within the church are some of the grumpiest people in the world. I know, that’s off subject, but that thought did hit me while smiling.

So be creative. Use your hands. Make somebody smile. The end goal for our audience is still a deepening relationship with Christ, but maybe making someone smile is somehow a part of that process? Or at least Jesus thought so.

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