5 Marks of a Mature Leader

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For the last week, I’ve been in a role in which I’m not the Lead Pastor. This is the first time in about twelve years that this has been true, and it’s caused me to do some reflecting on where my own maturity stands. Here are five brief thoughts that have crossed my mind…

  • A mature leader understands how to follow leadership and responds with gracious obedience to leadership. He doesn’t have to be in the driver’s seat all the time.
  • A mature leader is willing to get the small stuff right. As Jesus would put it, he who is faithful in small things will be entrusted with greater responsibilities.
  • A mature leader values people over position, relationships over rules, and connections over control. In other words, the mature leader is far more concerned about relationships with people than the leadership task itself.
  • A mature leader needs no credit. She may be wise in how she receives it, but is willing to pass the glory and credit on to another both willingly and cheerfully.
  • A mature leader has roots, leans on experience, values input, stands on the shoulders of giants, and listens at least twice as much as he speaks.

In other words, until you know how to follow, listen, and learn, you’re not ready to lead.

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