Social Media Flow

Value the Shrapnel

Brandon Communications

This afternoon I met with some thinkers at Saddleback Church to talk about using social media in ministry. While we were meeting, a thought hit me and I started scribbling in my Moleskine… After I finished with my chicken scratch (a southern term for doodling, scribbling, and designing innovative flowcharts), I snapped a pic and posted it on and …

Jay Kranda and Saddleback Church Online

How to Promote Your Online Church Campus

Brandon Communications

THIS is cool! Jay and Jordan Kranda put this together (possibly with other conspirators) as a way to promote the Saddleback on campus. Jay has a big heart for this ministry and it shows. I want to make some observations after you watch… There are several things to learn from this video promotion… Spreading your content around on sites like …