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Why Not Start Blogging Today?

Blogging is an artform. It’s a powerful tool of influence for communicating ideas, and I think as social media changes and fluctuates, blogging will remain a consistently growing force as the source of most of the content people are sharing across the web. So why not jump in?

There are a few people out there who are definitely doing things right. I had recently mentioned Nicholas Cardot’s new book on blogging (to which I contributed a chapter) called Blogging to the Third Power (aff link). But today I discovered another really great resource, Start Blogging Today (aff link).

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A Few Recent Articles About Blogging

One of my passions is blogging and one of the roles I fill is as Editor of Fuel Your Blogging. I wanted to pass along to my eGrace Readers a few recent titles from there with a brief thought or two… [Read more…]

Guest Post About the Upside of the Downside of Leadership

There’s a really great blog about leadership and ministry written by Scott Williams called Big Is the New Small. I’ve written an article as a guest blogger there that you might be interested in reading:

The Upside of the Downside of Leadership

Find Your Inner-Blogger via Fuel Your Blogging


I’ve been a fan of the whole family of sites belonging to the Fuel Brand Network for quite some time as a source of inspiration and instruction. Today, a post went live on one of the newest Fuel sites, Fuel Your Blogging. Oh, and I wrote it. Check it out…

Eight Inner-Qualities of Great Bloggers

How To Recycle Old Posts, and Why You Should

Ever have one of those killer ideas that turned into a great blog post, which led to a surge in traffic, which boosted your authority, which led to increased readership? Then, a week later, your great article has faded into the abyss of seldom-accessed archives? The internet is heavy-laden with countless millions of really great, but never to be read again articles such as your favorite one. Here’s a thought that’s good for the online environment – recycle!

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