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This Might Be a Good Time to Publish Your EBook

Or eBook, or Ebook, or however you’d like to spell it. eBooks are on the rise. The invention of the internet (thanks Al) has leveled the playing field and has changed everything. I comment about this all the time, so I’ll just show off this pretty graphic (hat tip to The Next Web).

eBooks Are On the Rise

The Three Rules of Content Marketing (via @junta42)

1. You Are a Publisher

Simply defined, a publisher delivers on the informational or entertainment needs of the reader in whatever format in which the reader wants to engage.  A traditional publisher does this to generate sponsorship revenues or get people to pay for content. The non-media brand does this to ultimately sell more products and services. More and more companies, like ours, do both.

Publishing is hard work, but also mandatory for today’s companies.  Believing that you are a publisher is the first rule.

2. Dream it, Do it! 

Innovation is a new way of doing something, or new stuff made useful. As publishers, we innovate to solve our customers’ pain points. Every day, every minute. The innovation happens not because of the content, but the affect it has on the reader. That’s true innovation.

3. It’s Not About You

Successful publishing is all about the reader…your customers. If you are not solving their pain points with relevant and compelling content, you are adding to the noise, the clutter.

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These three rules are absolutely true, but you need to read the full article.

We’re Looking for Pastors Who Love Pastors

Soon and very soon, will re-launch with a fresh design and a much more usable layout. The whole site will be both content-centric and community-driven. We want it to be an incredible tool for Pastors.

My role at is multi-faceted. I’m planning a content strategy and an editorial calendar, but I’m also recruiting a “volunteer army” of Pastors, leaders, and writers who have a heart for Pastors. More details about how you can contribute and be a part of the team are going to be revealed soon, but I’m issuing an early challenge.

The chart below is not formal and it isn’t finalized. It’s going to go through more tweaking, but it gives you an idea of the kind of content we’re going to be looking for.

If you’re interested in contributing in some way, I’m taking names and building a list of folks to contact later as we have needs. So if you have a heart for reaching out to Pastors, drop me a line and share your heart with me. Tell me things like…

I currently blog/write at ______.
I love Pastors because ______.
I am passionate about writing on the topic of ______.

Fire away.

Content Is Social Media Currency

We’re all tired of hearing how “content is king,” but it’s still the rallying cry of many, many people in the marketing world. The phrase encourages debate between content producers (writers and publishers) and creatives (designers and developers). Is content really king? Or is it usability? the development platform? or the sharable nature of the content?

I’m going to suggest a different line of thought. Content may be king of your world, but I think of it more as currency. It’s like money. Content is what gets spent in the world of data and information. Let me explain what I mean…

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Why Not Start Blogging Today?

Blogging is an artform. It’s a powerful tool of influence for communicating ideas, and I think as social media changes and fluctuates, blogging will remain a consistently growing force as the source of most of the content people are sharing across the web. So why not jump in?

There are a few people out there who are definitely doing things right. I had recently mentioned Nicholas Cardot’s new book on blogging (to which I contributed a chapter) called Blogging to the Third Power (aff link). But today I discovered another really great resource, Start Blogging Today (aff link).

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