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We’re Looking for Pastors Who Love Pastors


Soon and very soon, will re-launch with a fresh design and a much more usable layout. The whole site will be both content-centric and community-driven. We want it to be an incredible tool for Pastors. My role at is multi-faceted. I'm planning a content strategy and an editorial …

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Content Is Social Media Currency

We're all tired of hearing how "content is king," but it's still the rallying cry of many, many people in the marketing world. The phrase encourages debate between content producers (writers and publishers) and creatives (designers and developers). Is content really king? Or is it usability? the development …

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Why Not Start Blogging Today?

Screen shot 2010-05-18 at 7.06.12 PM

Blogging is an artform. It's a powerful tool of influence for communicating ideas, and I think as social media changes and fluctuates, blogging will remain a consistently growing force as the source of most of the content people are sharing across the web. So why not jump in? There are a few people out there …

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A Few Recent Articles About Blogging

One of my passions is blogging and one of the roles I fill is as Editor of Fuel Your Blogging. I wanted to pass along to my eGrace Readers a few recent titles from there with a brief thought or two... …

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Guest Post About the Upside of the Downside of Leadership

There's a really great blog about leadership and ministry written by Scott Williams called Big Is the New Small. I've written an article as a guest blogger there that you might be interested in reading: The Upside of the Downside of Leadership …

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Find Your Inner-Blogger via Fuel Your Blogging


I've been a fan of the whole family of sites belonging to the Fuel Brand Network for quite some time as a source of inspiration and instruction. Today, a post went live on one of the newest Fuel sites, Fuel Your Blogging. Oh, and I wrote it. Check it out... Eight Inner-Qualities of Great Bloggers …

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How To Recycle Old Posts, and Why You Should

Ever have one of those killer ideas that turned into a great blog post, which led to a surge in traffic, which boosted your authority, which led to increased readership? Then, a week later, your great article has faded into the abyss of seldom-accessed archives? The internet is heavy-laden with countless …

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Mondays Are for Writing

My life tends to be divided up in half-day or day-at-a-time segments. Tuesday mornings are our food pantry giveaway at church, Wednesday afternoons are always a study hall, and Mondays are for writing. Let me share more about why and how... …

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Do Something that Matters

One of my favorite movie lines was uttered by Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor. His character, Capt. Rafe McCawley, travels to London before Hawaii was attaked so that he could fly with the British Royal Air Force. When he lands, his new commanding officer asks, "Why is it so many of you young Americans are so eager …

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Tips for Pastors Who Blog

This is my 401st blog post at I've been at it since the middle of 2005 when I didn't have a clue how to really blog. (Amazing how the word "blog" has become both a verb and a noun.) I've learned a lot about the art of blogging over the last three and a half years and wanted to impart some …

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