I’m Taking the Plunge – I’m Writing a Book

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I’m planting a new church, we’re expecting our third child, and I’m still working on building a global community of Pastors. May as well write a bo, too. I was recently approached by an Editor with Passio, the newest im of Charisma House Publishing. My good friend, Artie Davis, has just completed writing on his first bo, Craveable, with Passio …


6 Tips for Writing Blog Posts That Get Read

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The world is full of great leaders with great ideas who will remain somewhat unknown because they just don’t know how to package their ideas for market. Since this is the age of blogging in which everyone is in the publishing business, it’s imperative for anyone who wants to be a thought leader and influencer to know how to craft …


The Basics of Blogging and Online Publishing

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Blogging is such a weird word. We never used it until people started keeping “logs” on the “web” of their life called “weblog” and for some reason, we dropped the “we” and were left with the art of blogging. And in a sense, it has changed everything. How? Because now, everyone is a publisher. Every business, every church, and every …

Content Marketing Is the Marketing That Matters

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Remember when Bubba was running through the list of potential shrimp dishes with Forest? Marketing could be handled the same way. Let’s see, there’s e marketing, attention marketing, social media marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, marketing, traditional marketing, new media marketing, permission marketing… and on and on we go. Which one matters most for we who are blogging for income? Ultimately, …