Remember Where You Live

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I’ll admit it. I’m a fan of the Military Channel and the History Channel. It’s partly for my of history, but it’s also because the study of history is a study of war and weaponry. Don’t misunderstand. I don’t like war and I hate the destruction that weapons cause in the wrong hands, but there’s something that fascinates a man’s soul …

Eternal Truth

Big Truths I Need to Hear Every Day

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I’m a messed up human being. I don’t mean that I’m particularly deranged – just that I was born bren and have reached the plateau of adulthood carrying some flaws with me. The biggest flaw? I believe lies… sometimes. Here’s a law of life that can’t be avoided or bren… The way I think determines what I believe, which determines …

Viva la Revolution

Can Social Media Contribute to a Jesus Revolution?

Brandon Communications

Jeff Gibson is an extremely intelligent guy who advises heads of state and leaders of corporation about messaging, marketing, and many other things I’ll never fully understand. Chris Forbes has been a leader in missions for as long as I’ve been a Pastor and was actually the very first person I ever followed on . The two of them and …

Rejoice In the Lord… Always, Again I say Rejoice

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One of my favorite daily news feeds comes from The Daily Spurgeon. Today’s thought addressed something that Christians struggle with often. But usually, when someone comes to me with this question, they’re already on the right track. It is “Can I enjoy the world around me, though it is perishing?” The Bible tells us to not the world, neither …