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The Relaunch of Church Tech Today

I’m a bit late in reporting this, but I’ve recently finished a project helping Lauren Hunter to relaunch She broke the news over a month ago but I’ve been a bit busy with some unforeseen projects to write about it.

Church Tech Today Screenshot

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Live Life With a Sword and a Trowel

I love the part of Nehemiah, in chapter four, when Nehemiah commands the families who are rebuilding the walls to grab both a sword and a trowel, and to rotate between who works and who stands guard. It’s a wonderful picture of the Christian life – one that Charles Spurgeon captured well in his classic publication, The Sword and the Trowel. God calls us to be workers and fighters.

The New Testament often calls us “laborers” and talks about how our efforts and our energies are to be spent for the glory of God, but He also calls us “soldiers” and challenges us to “fight the good fight of faith.” Building and fighting are two of the most common pictures of the Christian life presented to us in Scripture.

We Build

We build churches. We build lives. This is the thought conveyed by [youversion]1 Corinthians 3:9-15[/youversion], that Jesus Christ is the perfect foundation, and each of us has the responsibility of building something upon that foundation. Each of us finds ourselves somewhere around the wall that we’re building together, with a trowel in our hand.

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Today, We Take a Little Leap

Jumping Squirrel

...and here... we... go!

I’m writing this brief note just a couple of hours before my wife gets home… from work… for the last time (at least for a really, really long time). We’ve never done this before. She’s going to stay at home. She’s a little excited and a little nervous. I’m pretty happy about the whole experiment.

We have other leaps coming up too. After she gets home from work… for the last time… we’re going to the Doctor who will check everything out and make sure we’re all-a-go for a scheduled c-section on April 12th (if Samuel lets us get that far).

Life is flying by, may as well fly with it!

photo credit: Navicore

I Owe, I Owe, It’s Off to Work I Go

I remember seeing that phrase on a license plate once and laughing. But sadly, that’s how many of us live our lives. We work because we have to do so. I think it’s one of the reasons get-rich-quick programs are so successful at recruiting people. We have a dream, for some reason, of being rewarded for being less productive.

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The Rut, the Rat Race, and the Daily Grind

Hit the snooze button. Crawl out of bed after the second alarm. Hit the shower. Choose a shirt. Make the coffee. Start the car. Fight the traffic. Punch the clock. Meet the clients. Please the boss. Grab lunch. Please the boss some more. Punch the clock again. Fight the traffic. Fix dinner. Watch television. Play with the kids. Read the news. Hit the sack. Then… hit the snooze button.

Sound familiar? It’s the “daily grind.” The only difference between a rut and a grave is that ruts don’t have ends. Are you in one?

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