It’s Time to Infiltrate the World Around Us

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The church is a movement started by Jesus consisting of people who are “called out” together into one body in a single locality charged with the assignment of bringing the glory of God to all peoples in their community and in their world. Elsewhere the Bible calls God’s people “peculiar,” signifying that we are God’s alone and therefore are to …

The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler

Getting Explicit About the Gospel

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Rick Warren said, “If you read only one bo this year, make it this one. It’s that important.” The gospel is a message that never loses its relevancy and always needs retelling. I found Matt Chandler’s The Explicit Gospel to be an awesome retelling of it. Chandler’s explanation of the gospel is ultra-clear, and while I detect that hint of his …

Start Your Family Well (What To Pray Over Your New Home)

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Last night I had a pretty neat experience. A couple who have recently married and begun their new life together asked me to come and bless their home, something I’ve never been asked to do in almost 14 years of ministry. The short version – we talked about Jesus and prayed over their family’s future. The long version… They showed …,, and Our Online Ivory Tower

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I’ve been getting a lot of e invitations to join, which claims to be the first “Christian alternative to .” If you want to join FaithOut, go right ahead. I’m sticking with , and I ‘m a Christian. My spirit is stirred at what some believers are doing in the on realm of things. Instead of engaging and impacting …