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Check Your Blind Spots

I've recently been introduced to the video library of The Soderquist Center, a leadership training institution formed in the legacy of retired Walmart Executive Don Soderquist. I caught this one today, a short skit illustrating the problem with our leadership blind spots... 'LeaderSkilz' - Emotional Intelligence from The Soderquist Center on Vimeo. The problem with blind spots is... we don't see them. That's why they're blind spots. It hurts sometimes to have pointed …

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Sometimes I Wish You Knew

I define myself with clear priorities. I am first and foremost a follower and disciple of Jesus Christ, a born again child of God. I'm also a husband to an awesome wife, and a Dad to a wonderful daughter. Then I'm a Pastor to a great church. Sometimes I'm also a web and graphic designer. I love all of these realms of life and appreciate the people I've come to know in each. As a Pastor, and I'm sure other church leaders will identify with what I'm about to write, I can say …

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