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Check Your Blind Spots

I’ve recently been introduced to the video library of The Soderquist Center, a leadership training institution formed in the legacy of retired Walmart Executive Don Soderquist. I caught this one today, a short skit illustrating the problem with our leadership blind spots…

‘LeaderSkilz’ – Emotional Intelligence from The Soderquist Center on Vimeo.

The problem with blind spots is… we don’t see them. That’s why they’re blind spots. It hurts sometimes to have pointed out to us the shortcomings we didn’t realize we had, but there’s no fixing what we can’t identify. I would ask what your blind spots are, but you probably don’t know, so I’ll just encourage you to ask someone who would – start with your spouse…

Sometimes I Wish You Knew

I define myself with clear priorities. I am first and foremost a follower and disciple of Jesus Christ, a born again child of God. I’m also a husband to an awesome wife, and a Dad to a wonderful daughter. Then I’m a Pastor to a great church. Sometimes I’m also a web and graphic designer. I love all of these realms of life and appreciate the people I’ve come to know in each.

As a Pastor, and I’m sure other church leaders will identify with what I’m about to write, I can say that there is tremendous pressure that few people realize. I don’t talk about it much but felt the need to clear my heart this morning. I hope you’ll appreciate the transparency here.

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