Keith of the Olivet Eagles

Serving Others Is a Win For Everyone

Brandon Culture

Don’t read what I’ve written until you watch this video… Once you dry your eyes, think about some of the huge implications of this story for people who serve in Christian ministry, personally or vocationally. Lots of teams win games (50% actually) but THIS kind of win gets celebrated virally. Sometimes the role of the pros is to serve up …


7 Promises We Should Make (and Keep) to Volunteers

Brandon Leadership

We pastors often struggle to ask people to give their time and talent to Jesus. Perhaps we’ve been rejected before and don’t like to hear someone say “no.” Perhaps we don’t like volunteering ourselves and we transfer our own rebellious attitudes to others. Or perhaps we know, when we make “the big ask,” that we’re going to exhaust another servant. …

No Lone Rangers Allowed

Brandon Leadership, Preaching

As I prepared my message a couple of weeks ago on this topic, “No Lone Rangers Allowed,” my Ministry Assistant eed me to see if I was sure I wanted the title to go into the bulletin as I had sent it to her, which was “No Lone Rangers Aloud.” What’s funny is, it proved the sermon title true. Had …