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Sermon Video: Dealing with Depression

This past Sunday, I preached the second part of a series called Overwhelmed, and I dove into the subject of defeating depression based on the story of Elijah. It was, perhaps, the most personal message I’ve ever preached in terms of sharing my own struggle. The response has been overwhelming. Jesus finds us at our lowest points of pain over and over, and His grace makes all the difference!

Watch the sermon below…

Video: The Wife and I Make Some Sermon Promo Magic

What better way to teach about how desperately we need grace to make marriage work than to ask my wife to join me for part of the message to talk about how much grace we’ve needed to make our marriage work! So to promote this weekend’s service, we shot a little promo video together. After a couple dozen takes, we gave up, but still managed to make this…

It was fun.

This Coming Weekend: How to Have Hope Every Day

Easter offers us hope for the forgiveness of sin and for eternal life. But there is more! God offers us some huge reasons to have hope every single day! In part two of Why We Hope, coming up this Sunday at Grace Hills, we’ll look at the three big gifts Jesus gives today to help us live with hope every day no matter what:

  • His Word (the Bible)
  • His Spirit (the Holy Spirit)
  • His People (the Church)

We’ll define and discover how to take full advantage of each.

You can always help us spread the word by visiting our Facebook page and clicking “Like” on the current weekend preview video.

How to Promote Your Online Church Campus

THIS is cool! Jay and Jordan Kranda put this together (possibly with other conspirators) as a way to promote the Saddleback online campus. Jay has a big heart for this ministry and it shows. I want to make some observations after you watch…

There are several things to learn from this video promotion…

  • Spreading your content around on sites like Youtube opens another pathway into your ministry reach.
  • Doing quality video in HD shows professionalism.
  • Being human is essential. Being “ministerial” can create barriers.
  • Additional imagery is well-placed throughout the video showing very simply how to connect.
  • There’s a clear call to action at the end. What should you do next? Connect. Click. Email us.
  • It’s exactly 1 minute, but contains all it needs to contain.
  • Jay Kranda has cool hair.
  • If you’re going to sneak into Rick Warren’s office and take a secret video, don’t let Brandon Cox find it or he’ll write a whole blog post about how cool your rogue act of rebellion was.

There are plenty of questions to answer about how technology and faith are merging, but if you’re going to offer an online campus, this is a great way to get the word out! My only complaint is the use of comic sans… bad typographical mojo!

Toy Story 3: Inception Trailer – Awesome Creativity!

You may have seen this, but having seen both movies, I thought this was genius!!

Hat Tip to Khayyam (@iamkhayyam)