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Let’s Fight FOR Worship!

Brandon Theology

Everybody worships. Not everyone believes in God, or in gods, or in the God of the Bible, but everyone worships. Everybody ascribes worth to something, which is one of the basic definitions of worship. My favorite bo about worship, outside the Bible, is Warren Wiersbe’s Real Worship: Playground, Battleground, or Holy Ground?. Wiersbe offers this concise definition of worship… Worship is …


Can You Just Heal My Boy?

Brandon Living

“I begged your disciples to cast out the spirit, but they couldn’t do it.” (Luke 9:40 NLT) The disciples had plenty of great experiences to boast about. They were in the inner circle. They had been hanging out with one of Israel’s most popular rabbis. But on this day, they were powerless. They had religious solutions to offer, but this …


Book Review (and Giveaway): Transforming Church in Rural America

Brandon Books, Leadership

I grew up in a small, rural community in a small, rural church. I’ve served as Pastor of small, rural churches as well. So to see that Pastor Shannon O’l had written a bo on “breaking all the rurals,” he had my attention. Upon reading his work, I’ve been left uncomfortable and disturbed! In Transforming Church in Rural America, Shannon …

When Tradition Is Meaningless

Brandon Living

I’m currently studying Zechariah, chapter 7 in the course of teaching through the Minor Prophets on Wednesday nights. We’ve been covering these dozen bos in leaps and bounds, but sometimes I am forced to slow down and really camp out in a shorter passage of Scripture. Such is the case here.

The Lord Who Heals and the People Who Worship

Brandon Theology

I must confess, as a Baptist, it to me a rather long time to come to understand the healing nature of God. We Baptists, as Adrian Rogers put it, “believe in miracles, but trust in Jesus.” I still believe this is best. But I also freely admit that in our reaction to the extremism of “healing evangelists” like Binny Hinn …