31 Signs You Are a Thought Leader

The phrases “thought leader” and “thought leadership” seem to be everywhere today. What exactly is a thought leader?

It’s tricky because the phrases “thought leader” and “thought leadership” are new and trendy. Some such phrases have “stickiness” meaning that they stay around for a long time, possibly even becoming part of our every day vocabulary. I think these phrases have this “stickiness” and we’re going to see them around for a long time.

There is of course, another question. Are you a thought leader?

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You Need to Know Jeff Gibson (@insightable)


There are those people who support us in various ways, helping us reach our goals. But sometimes someone comes along who simply makes us think long and hard about everything. Jeff is one of those guys to me. You may not have heard much about him across the social media spectrum, primarily because he's given his genius to other causes and organizations and has spent relatively little time building his own reputation. 

He understands social. He gets media. He's been a part of things that you've heard of even if you haven't heard of him, and he's a disciplined thinker. He wrote Jessica's Law and has advised some of the worlds biggest brands in communications and messaging. But he's modest about the whole thing.

I know him because he keeps Saddleback and Pastors.com sharp. We talk now and then and I always walk away with my mind spinning with ideas. You really need to know Jeff Gibson.

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You Need to Know D. J. Chuang (@djchuang)


I'm sitting at a Saddleback viewing party for The Nines conference, and directly across from me sits a guy with a Macbook Pro covered in a bright orange cover boasting a cool vinyl decal simply displaying “@djchuang.” If for no other reason than his sweet Mac gear, you should know D. J.

Additionally, with a single click (to D. J.'s page), it's obvious D. J. understands “social.” He understands media, and listening to him will absolutely help you understand how to communicate across the social web. Tune in to D. J.!

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