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You Need to Know David Chrzan (@dchrzan)

I was minding my own business one day in January of this year when I received a brief email from one David Chrzan (pronounced Shawn) who called himself "Chief of Staff" at Saddleback Church. Three weeks later, I was sitting in a roundtable discussion with him and some magazine Editors about social media and online publishing. We began talking about and the potential for utilizing the social web to minister to today's church leaders and now I work on the team …

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You Need to Know Jeff Gibson (@insightable)

There are those people who support us in various ways, helping us reach our goals. But sometimes someone comes along who simply makes us think long and hard about everything. Jeff is one of those guys to me. You may not have heard much about him across the social media spectrum, primarily because he's given his genius to other causes and organizations and has spent relatively little time building his own reputation.  He understands social. He gets media. He's been a …

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You Need to Know Kerry Bural (@KerryBural)

A little over a year ago, I was entering a period of searching for God's will in my life. I felt tugged in different directions. I love being a Pastor and believe I'm called to it, but I also have a huge passion for communications, media, and design. One of the conversations that shaped my present assignment was with Kerry Bural. Kerry went to seminary, but is passionate about church and ministry communications. While I was struggling with the need to be either a …

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