I'm Frustrated with All This Free Stuff!

angry meHere’s something I find funny. It’s how quick we are to complain about everything that gets handed to us for free. We may just be the most spoiled generation in history, but we tend to suck the joy out of freebies. Examples, you ask?

  • “Ah, stinkin’ Twitter is down again!” (uh, it’s free)
  • “I’m so annoyed by Facebook’s games.” (yep, free)
  • I had to park 90 feet from Walmart’s door. (parking is… free)
  • The sermon was kinda long today. (Offerings are optional)
  • Rain, rain, go away. (God charges nothing for the weather, which is kinda necessary for life to exist.)

I could go on, but you get the picture. Now here’s a life-changing truth…

An attitude of gratitude will change everything in and around you for the positive! In fact, it’s scientifically proven that just expressing thoughts of gratitude triggers the release of seratonin (the happy hormone) in the brain. Maybe we’ll get over our grumpiness and depression when we start being a bit more thankful.

Now, feel free to chime in about this post, but don’t complain… you’re reading it for free.

I Am Bound to Give Thanks

In his second letter to the Thessalonians, the Apostle Paul begins by saying “I am bound to thank God always for you all…” I’ve always loved that little snippet of Scripture because of its plain message – I am bound, obligated, indebted to give thanks. It’s the least I can do in light of all that our wonderful God has done for me. I wanted to take a few moments and list out some of those things for all who will read.

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