Pro Church Tools Podcast: The Small Church Movement

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I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Brady Shearer on the Pro Church Tools podcast. We talked about creativity and branding, but spent even time on the idea that the church in the next generation may be larger than ever, but also spread out in smaller clusters than ever. So it’s absolutely key to think larger …


5 Trends Church Communications Leaders Should Watch in 2013

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Things are changing rapidly in the world of communications tools. I’m even writing a bo about how to communicate an unchanging gospel in such a rapidly changing world. On ’s blog, Ilya Pozin shared 9 trends entrepreneurs need to watch in 2013, and four of them (my first four below) jumped out at me concerning the world of church communications. …


What the Greatest Minds In Church Communications Know

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Very little… in a good way. Last night, I sat in a big room at Saddleback where I was surrounded by geniuses in the field (speakers and panelists from Cultivate 2011 as we held three brief conversations about three different themes: How do we keep things simple? How do we keep things social? How do we make things viral? And …

Jolt! Get the Jump On a World That's Constantly Changing

Jolt! by Phil Cooke. Make Change Work For You

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Change is guaranteed to be consistent. Our personal growth is not. I first met Phil Coe at a conference at Prestonwood Baptist Church a few years ago where he signed a copy of another of his bos for me – Branding Faith. Listening to Phil speak to our breakout session about media and branding fed my hunger to know how …

Jay Kranda and Saddleback Church Online

How to Promote Your Online Church Campus

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THIS is cool! Jay and Jordan Kranda put this together (possibly with other conspirators) as a way to promote the Saddleback on campus. Jay has a big heart for this ministry and it shows. I want to make some observations after you watch… There are several things to learn from this video promotion… Spreading your content around on sites like …